8 Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Wrists

Updated: Apr 7

Your wrists bear weight in so many yoga poses—not to mention every time you do a vinyasa. These 8 poses can help you keep your wrists pain-free.

The key to protecting your wrists is—surprise!—a strong core. Evidence-based medicine demonstrates that a strong core can increase the efficiency of your rotator cuff muscles, which stabilize your shoulders, and decrease the load that is transferred to your wrists. Picture the ubiquitous Down DogChaturangaUp Dog-Down Dogsequence. Each time you repeat it, your wrists bear weight throughout. Over time and without proper support from the core and shoulders, this can lead to injury.

Use this simple four-step program to strengthen your core, rotator cuff, and wrist muscles. Step four integrates steps one through three into Down Dog. Ease into all of these poses using smooth gradual engagement of the muscles. Prepare the body in this sequential way, maintain awareness of the core-cuff-wrist connection, and infuse these actions into every vinyasa to keep your wrists healthy and pain-free. https://www.yogajournal.com/poses/four-limbed-staff-pose/

Note: People with wrist pain should consult a medical professional. Avoid weight-bearing in the wrists until pain subsides.

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