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Yoga Poses & Migraines

Did you know...Migraine affects more than 10% of the world's population?

There have been scientific studies that have determined that yoga can be very beneficial and an effective treatment for helping with migraine. The yoga that is most recommended for those who suffer are gentle and restorative poses/asanas.

So, try out these poses and join me here at Yoga World Fitness, beginner/gentle yoga on Wednesday's @ 7:00pm EST and restorative yoga on Thursday's @ 5:30pm EST.

We are not a one size fits all world, so do what feels best for you and your body!

1. yoga child’s pose asana

• come to a kneeling position

• sit back onto your feet or slightly spread them apart, so you sit onto the ground/mat

• forward fold and lower your torso onto your thighs, or to have more space for your torso, spread your legs slightly further apart

• lower your head to the ground/mat

• extend your arms out past your head, lengthening them

2. yoga legs up the wall asana

• lay on your back

• extend your legs straight leaning against the wall

3. yoga savasana asana

• lay down flat on your back

• legs extended out

• let your feet gently fall to the sides

• arms extended out, slightly away from your body

• palms facing up, fingers relaxed

4. yoga cat/cow asana

• place your hands and knees on the ground, hands should be stacked under shoulders and knees should be stacked under hips

• arch your back by rounding your back/spine for cat and exhale; for c

ow, inhale, bring your chest forward/down with a nice stretch to the chest and the back

5. yoga downward dog asana

• do a forward fold

• place your hands on the ground, arms are straight (it’s ok to bend your knees)

• step your feet back, so legs are straight

• put your bottom up in the air

My name is Ashley and I am a RYT 500 and certified breathwork and mindfulness coach. I reside in Florida and since my offerings are virtual I love to help people all over the world! If you would like to know more about me, and The Migraine Yogini's Migraine Yoga Program™,

you can go to and follow me on Facebook and Instagram


Thanks for reading! - Ashley The Migraine Yogini

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