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Aloha & Welcome to Yoga World Fitness 

Benefits of Livestream Yoga- Learn from Anywhere, Anytime


Why do we love Livestream Yoga At Home?

Yoga World Fitness offers realtime livestream classes where you can communicate with your yoga teacher. A big plus is it's not only convenient, but it is Free with Yoga World Fitness.

We are a not-for-profit live steam yoga studio that will help you find a balance between your busy lifestyle by bringing a healthy focus on you! Yoga at home gives you the freedom to practice in your private space with loved ones or own your own.

By turning on the laptop and switching to the digital world, we can calm our anxious minds and train our bodies to move through each movement without judgment or fear of not keeping up with a studio class or battling traffic and parking. The same goes for when you drive home from a yoga class, and many times, after a busy day at work, you just want to go home. 

Yoga at home is great for procrastinators. Yes, we heard it right! We all have been a victim of procrastinating our work, and when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is hard to make the time. With livestream Yoga classes, all you need to do is turn on your mobile phones or laptop screens, and we can dive into a healthy and fit world. Take your healthy step now and explore our many beneficial yoga classes. It is an excellent start for beginners who want to develop a new skill and follow a healthy routine. Yoga World Fitness offers many live-stream yoga classes with some of the mos amazing , dedicated, and experienced Yoga teachers. 

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Our Story

People ask, "Why Free Livestream Yoga" For many receiving something for free, there is always a catch. However, Yoga World Fitness truly offers free livestream yoga classes. 

Carolyn Rose is the founder of Yoga World Fitness and has lived in Hawaii for most of her life. She has taught and practiced Yoga for decades. In 2020, during the peak of COVID-19, Carolyn Rose gave her time teaching livestream yoga classes for free.  


Today she continues to teach and has a team of other yoga teachers who also teach live stream yoga classes throughout the United States. We offer Yoga Sculpt and Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga, and Bikram Yoga, Rocket Yoga and Reiki Yoga. 

Carolyn Rose believes in giving back and understands life is challenging for many of us. Yoga World Fitness yoga classes allow you to practice at home. She believes finding stillness is a sacred journey to ease the mind through breath and movement.


Our vision is to support and encourage a healthy community, especially during difficult times. Our yoga teachers are certified to teach yoga classes, and our platform survives on donations and sales from our yoga store. All proceeds pay our talented yoga teachers and add more yoga classes and workshops. 

We believe in "Seva." 

The word "Seva" is a Sanskrit word often associated with the facet of Yoga, meaning "service." However, it is more than just a simple desire to help others. It expresses compassion for others and a genuine desire to uplift those around you.


Share our free livestream yoga classes with your community and " Shop Support"! 

Mahalo & Namaste. 

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