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The Benefits of Weight Training for Seniors with Yoga Sculpt

Weight training combined with Yoga will help you improve your balance, ease the symptoms of arthritis and other joint and muscle pain and aches, and help you manage your weight. Like all forms of exercise, it has a direct effect on your cognitive functioning, which can improve your mood, sharpen your mind, and regulate your sleep. And of course, weight training increases your strength and muscle mass and improves your metabolism, improving your overall health, wellness and longevity.

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How Basic Weight Training for Seniors Works

When you pick up a weight and pump your muscle a few times, you’re “shredding” or “ripping” your muscle fibers apart. Then, protein helps rebuild those muscle fibers in bulk. Bodybuilders who lift a lot of weight at one time in short bursts are ripping their muscles all at once, seeking a faster, bulkier muscle rebuild.

When you lift lighter weights, more slowly and more times, you’re changing your muscles more gradually. Appearance-wise, you’ll develop longer, leaner muscles, more evenly distributed along your limbs. Internally, your longer, leaner muscles are supporting your bones, which have weakened with age.

Your balance and posture will improve due to your support network of muscles spanning your entire body’s and it's called “training” for a reason. You’re training your body to meet the challenge of lifting the weights, and once you’ve successfully trained it, it’ll be time to learn some new tricks. When you’re no longer challenging your muscles to work in new ways, you’re no longer growing your muscles, so you have to switch up your weight training routine once your body has mastered it. Check out our free livestream class schedule at

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