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Yoga can help you achieve your goals!

How many times have you started and re started your #NewYearsresolutions? Guess what? Who needs them?! Start now and it's ok if you need to stop, restart and go back.. we are all human. You can learn to connect with yourself and achieve all the #goals that you want.

#Yoga can help in many of them. ..some examples are:

#reducingstress, #loosingweight, performing #selfcare. You dont need to be over flexible, yoga can be done in a chair! Also, I always like to say it's not how far you can stretch or how flexible you are, it's about your body and connecting to it and your breath; the flexibility will come with time and practice. Additionally, it's not just the practice of Yoga #Asanas (poses)but #meditation, and #breathwork as well. Performing self care for yourself is the best gift! Try different forms of yoga if you are into upbeat, cardio fun work out with great tunes, try #Yogasculpt; and if you want to take it down a whole lot and rest and #rejuvenate and connect to yourself, try #Restorative. If you have never done yoga before, don't be intimidated. Yoga is for everybody, so try a yoga flow #vinyasa or #hatha class.

To reduce stres, try breathing....yes, I know we all do this and it is a function we don't even think about, but we should! We can take ourselves from the FIGHT and Flight mode to the Rest and Digest mode just by breathing; calming our nervous systems and using diamphramatic breathing . Be on the look out for a future blog post more about breathing and the #parasympathetic and #sympathetic nervous system.

If losing weight is a thing for you, try #mindfuleating. What's that you say? Take time and appreciate your food, put away the phone, and all electronic devices, shut off the tv and sit at the table. Pay attention to what is on your plate instead of just eating, notice the presentation of the food, the different textures, slowly chew, savoring the flavor and pick out individual tastes. Even if you are the one who is preparing the food, that can be very relaxing and meditative as you cut the cucumbers; the arranging of them, the smell of them, take time and be conscious with every part of the prep to the end. You will have a different appreciation and connection with the food as well as be able to recognize the full feeling, as you are not just eating but consciously eating.

My name is Ashley and I am a RYT 500, certified breathwork, mindfulness and meditation coach. I reside in Florida and since my offerings are virtual, I love to help people all over the world! Join me here at yoga world fitness where I teach a variety of classes all through out the week and check out all the other classes and styles we offer with some amazing instructors!

I hope to see you soon, Thanks!

Ashley The Migraine Yogini

You can follow me on facebook or instagram @themigraineyogini

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