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Healing through yoga: By Carolyn Rose

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

I started 26/2 Bikram yoga eight years ago. I was a marathon runner for most of my life and loved the adrenaline of high impact exercise classes. After years of literally pounding the pavement, the pain in my knees, lower back, and hips started to take a toll on my body.

A dear friend suggested taking a Bikram yoga class. I thought of yoga as being comfortable and dull. It was quite the opposite. I remember my first Bikram class hanging on the walls, losing my balance with every pose, feeling awkward and embarrassed.

It wasn't easy to clear my busy mind. My yoga teacher kept repeating, find your "Drishti" (Focus). I seriously thought my yoga guru was insane, scolding me for hanging on to his walls or breathing too loud, falling in and out of poses. After three months of dedicated practice, my lower back knees and hip pain started to subside, and my balance & flexibility today is fantastic!

This style of practice takes determination, lots of patience, and commitment. There are so many positive results!

As a 200 hour certified Bikram yoga teacher, I love teaching this class because of the long term benefits each pose offers.

Remember, you are your personal hero!


Carolyn Rose, BSN, RYT

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